In addition to required appraisals for insurance or estate purposes, at Von Hasle Jewelers we are also happy to help you sort through your jewelry collection to help you better understand its value.

Whether you want proof of ownership for your diamond engagement ring before your next international trip, or you were recently gifted your grandmother’s jewelry collection and aren’t sure what is included, we also offer reports for a variety of personal reasons.

Von Hasle Jewelers is located in Racine, Wisconsin which is roughly 40 minutes north of the Illinois border, and 40 minutes south of Milwaukee.

What does a jewelry consultation cost?

There is no charge for the initial consultation to review the pieces that you have. If official paperwork needs to be drafted, then we will discuss prices at that time.

What does a formal jewelry appraisal cost?

Appraisal fees for insurance purposes are $100 per item and $85 for each additional item.

What is included in a jewelry appraisal?

This is a very detailed inspection that averages 15 pages full of thorough photos, details, and education. A digitally signed and protected PDF of your appraisal report will be loaded onto a USB Flash drive upon completion. This document will contain a clear, unbiased, expert opinion of what your jewelry is worth.

How long does a consultation or appraisal take?

Typically a consultation can be completed in less than an hour depending on the size of the collection. A formal appraisal or valuation for an individual jewelry item can usually be completed within 45 minutes.

Your jewelry itself never leaves the store, so when you drop off your items, you can come pick it up at your earliest convenience after the appraisal documentation is ready.

Common Reasons for a Personal Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry Collection Consultation

If you receive an assorted jewelry collection and you aren’t sure where to start, set an appointment with us. We can sort through the collection and help you quickly determine what is worthy of a full appraisal, versus which pieces of jewelry you enjoy and treasure that don’t have significant monetary value.

Personal Jewelry Portfolio

A personal jewelry portfolio is a collection of documents and photographs that are used to keep track of a jewelry collection. It is essentially a record-keeping system that allows you to organize and document your jewelry for a variety of purposes, including insurance, estate planning, and personal enjoyment. For those that make a hobby out of gemstone or jewelry collecting, this can be especially helpful to fully understand the value in your possession.

Proof of Jewelry Ownership for Customs Declarations

If you travel internationally you may need to provide proof of ownership and value to customs officials when entering or leaving a country. Having this formal documentation on hand can help you avoid or diminish delays or complications with customs clearance, and ensure you are accurately declaring the value.

Jewelry Resale

If you are thinking about selling your jewelry, you may want to get it appraised to determine its value in the current market. This can help you set a fair price and ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment.

Sentimental Value

Jewelry can hold a lot of sentimental value, especially if it has been passed down through generations or has a special meaning or story attached to it. Getting it appraised can help you understand its worth and its true metallic and gemstone composition to ensure it is properly cared for and preserved for future generations.


Sometimes you are simply curious about the value of your jewelry and want to know more about its history, origin, and significance. Getting it appraised can provide you with valuable information and insights about your jewelry. Please note there is a cost to a formal appraisal, as this type of valuation is more in depth than a search online. It is about determining the value of your specific item, not simply items similar to it.